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RTM in Gmail...simply not there...

rob.janelle says:

I had RTM in Gmail working for about 24 hours, then I clicked something that seemed to make it go away and nothing will bring it back...I can still change settings, when I load Gmail, I can see at the bottom of my browser that RTM's servers are being accessed, but the menu that lets me manipulate stuff is gone!

I've rebooted, reloaded Gmail, deleted the extension and re-downloaded it, but nothing seems to want to bring it back.

I looked through all Gmail trouble posts, but no one seems to be describing this one....any ideas?

Posted at 4:32am on December 21, 2007

raymond.bergmark ProPower Poster says:

See a small arrow at the far right in the Gmail window? Click to open the RTM window again.

Posted 6 years ago

rob.janelle says:

Thank you...wow...that arrow is SMALL (had to hunt for a few minutes)

Posted 6 years ago

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