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RTM in Gmail Calendar access

obriente Pro says:

So this extension is pretty great, but I ran into one problem, it only can read from your default calendar. So when I try to create a task due "one week after CES" or "two days before CES" it just creates the task as due a week from today, or two days from now.

I was confused at first then I realized theonly events it picks up on are in my default personal calendar. All other events that I have on separate calendars for 'Work' and 'School' or my Girlfriends calendar aren't picked up by RTM.

Is there any plan to fix this? Is it possible to fix? Any one know of a work around that doesn't involve combining all my calendars into one?

Posted at 8:41pm on December 20, 2007

raymond.bergmark ProPower Poster says:

I can't get this to work at all. I have choosen "Auto-suggest my events from Google Calendar when creating tasks" and made my default calendar shared with the whole world (is that really a necessary step?)

Adding task like "Buy presents before Chr" doesn't pick up Christmas or anything else.

What am I doing wrong? Do I have to switch to English in RTM for this to work?

Posted 6 years ago

bdhoyt Pro says:

I get the same problem.

Auto-suggest works for Contacts but I can not get it to work for my gCal entries.

I have checked the same button on both of the entries in the task tab of gCal settings.

I do have RTM showing up on gCal.

Any suggestions?

I do have RTM showing up on gCal.


Posted 6 years ago

mcnally says:

Same problem...not picking up calendar events from any of my calendars. RTM for Gmail was only released this week...probably a bug they are spending their Christmas fixing!

Extremely cool product overall, though...congrats and thanks to RTM team!

Posted 6 years ago

willit618 says:

Totally awesome update guys! The calendar feature will really allow for an actual productivity boost instead of just eye candy. Only problem is, RTM only recognizes my default calendar events which unfortunately, it pretty much useless. Any plans to expand the recognition to all my calendars?

Posted 6 years ago

miryana says:

My event was created in my default calendar, and when i switched the calendar, it 'duplicated', rather than move the event. However, if i delete the event from one calendar it disappears from the other as well.

Hope this is resolved soon, in the meantime im putting everything in one calendar, cos i don't want to stop using RTM - it's a godsend :).

Posted 6 years ago

scott.lewis says:

I can't see repeatable event appear in gcal except for the first event. But once you complete the first event, it does appear on the next date.

It seems to me they should appear on all of the dates.

Posted 6 years ago

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

An idea for Scott - RTM only knows about the next instance of a repeating event. If you want to see a daily event, displayed on every day of a weekly calendar, you'll need to create seven events corresponding to each day of the week. I know that's clunky, but it is a decent workaround.

Posted 6 years ago

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