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RTM for Gmail: autocreates task only for labeled emails in INBOX

free.thought says:

I set to Create a task when I label an email with "To Do".

This works for emails which are in my Inbox but does not work for already filed emails (for which I would like to create a task).

The workaround I am currently using is to move these emails to Inbox, label with "To Do" (so that a task is autocreated), and then file them away again. Which is not ideal.

Running Firefox on Vista.

Posted at 3:15pm on December 20, 2007

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

free.thought, we'd love to investigate this further. Would it be possible to let us know:

1) Are you using regular Gmail or Gmail with Google Apps?
2) Are you on "All Mail" in Gmail or another location?
3) Would it be possible to let us know the URL that you're on when it doesn't work to label emails? (We just need the part of the URL that begins with "#".)
4) Can you let us know the name of the label you're using?

(If you'd prefer to contact us off the forums, you can do that here.)


Posted 6 years ago

free.thought says:

I was about to email the requested details but first I checked and -- it is working now! You must have fixed it. Thank you!

Posted 6 years ago

brandan says:

I was seeing this problem when I was searching for mail. I often view my mail through the search filter 'label:unread'. When I marked something as a todo in this view it was not creating the task. I have modified this and use the link 'https://mail.gmail.com/.../#label/Unread and it works fine now.

As an added advantage I can now bookmark my 'missing label'.

Posted 6 years ago

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