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'Add any gadget by URL' Lab is being deprecated

elbuzzard Pro says:

Are we going to lose the RTM-Gmail integration? This is one of my favorite things about RTM: my tasks, always there, right there in Gmail.

Posted at 8:34pm on July 10, 2014

robertadmiller Pro says:

If you use Chrome or Firefox, the browser add-on has basically the same functionality as the Gmail gadget and will not be deprecated. I like it better anyway because it appears on the left instead of the right, so it has more room because it isn't crammed in with the folders list and any other gadgets you might have (I use the Google Calendar gadget too, so the left side is pretty packed).

I'm actually not 100% clear that Gmail gadgets that are already installed will go away when the "Add a gadget by its URL" Lab goes. I just posted that question on the Gmail Help forum. I'll post again here if I get a definitive answer.

Posted 13 weeks ago

robertadmiller Pro says:

Installed Gmail gadgets will indeed disappear:


Posted 13 weeks ago

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

Thanks for posting this thread, and the link. I will miss this, too.

Posted 10 weeks ago

paul.bakaus Pro says:

Unfortunately it looks like even the browser extension stops working if the lab (Add any gadget by URL) is disabled. Without the lab enabled, my Gmail was throwing security errors and not showing the sidebar, only after enabling it did the browser extension turn up.

I sincerely hope the RTM team figures out a why to get it in without the deprecated lab.

Posted 9 weeks ago

mixali Pro says:

Any alternatives to integrate RTM with Gmail?

Posted 9 weeks ago

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi paul.bakaus and mixali,
Our Gmail add-on is still supported, and should currently be working with any supported Gmail version. You may want to look at your Gmail version on our add-on status page, and contact us if you have any further problems.

Posted 8 weeks ago

shifflav Pro says:

I'd be ok with losing the Gmail gadget if the Gmail Add-on was up to par. The gadget was very organized and clean looking...one line per task and the days were divided up nicely. The add-on, on the other hand, is just plain confusing to look at. Each of my tasks takes up *two* lines. All I see is Today, Tomorrow...and This Week all bunched up together. It should show each day in its own section.
Since the gadget isn't being supported any more, please consider fixing the appearance of the Add-On. It really looks awful.

Posted 7 weeks ago

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi shifflav,
Thanks for the feedback. We appreciate it!

Posted 6 weeks ago

jim.mcgarr says:

Any chance that the add-on will now be made available for other browsers? I use Safari, and I really miss the gadget in my inbox.

Posted 5 weeks ago

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi jim.mcgarr,
The add-on is only available in Chrome and Firefox currently, but thanks for the feedback!

Posted 5 weeks ago

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