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corey.biccum says:

Hi everyone, new user and like what I see so far but my version of gmail (google apps) is the above. So what does this mean? Starring emails doesn't create a task, do I have to wait till the RTM team updates to support this version? Does it get obsolete every time Google updates their code?

I really want to use the starred feature, right now I've been forwarding emails to my RTM email address but it's a bit messy. Thoughts?

Posted at 2:36am on December 9, 2013

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi corey.biccum,
First of all, fortunately we now support this Gmail version. (Sorry for the delay in getting back to you!)

Each time Google changes the Gmail version, the add-on will stop working until we are able to update it for that version. Usually during that time starring or labeling wouldn't work to create a task, and some other functionality could stop working as well. (It's hard to say specifically since the updated code could be different each time.)

While the add-on isn't working, using the email service or Gmail gadget would still be options.

Hope this helps a bit!

Posted 1 year ago

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