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Neither GMail add-on or gadget working

rskadish says:

Hi all,

I just tried to enable both the gadget and Chrome browser add-on for Gmail.

When I used the add-on, I saw my list of tasks, but there were no options in a message to create a task, nor was the task created if I starred a message.

When I tried the gadget, I just saw no changes at all.

I'm using the latest versions of Chrome and Gmail, and according to the current status it's unsupported. Should I just assume that I am out of luck?

- Steve

Posted at 5:51pm on September 15, 2013

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi Steve,
The gadget will not add tasks from your email or connect with messages in any way; it's simply a mini Remember The Milk window while you're using Gmail. :)

Yes, when your Gmail version is unsupported this will happen; sorry for the inconvenience! If your version is not listed on our status page can you let us know what version you have?


Posted 1 year ago

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