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Inconsistent persistence in RTM Task Pane Gmail App for Chrome

adrian.durlester says:

Pretty much every time I leave my computer, and have to wake it back up from screen or power saver mode, the content of the RTM tasks pane in Gmail no longer functions (even though programs, including Gmail and others, like FB, continue to do their thing in the background and are up-to-date the moment my screen comes back to life-only RTM has stopped working.. This happens EVERY TIME, so it happens dozens of times each day. The ONLY solution is to click the link to log out, then click the lick to login to RTM again. (an, FWIW, the login page NEVER closes on its own, as it should. NEVER.) It's not a keep alive problem - eberything else on my system refreshes once the machine wakes up. This has been going on for months, perhaps even a year. My version of Gmail is currently supported. My Chroime settings to allow for cookies, etc. are all correctly set as required for things to work, and, perhaps until about 6months or a year ago, it was working fine. Can;t recall when it started happening. I just became used to it. But now I am tired of having to logout an relogin to RTM for the task pane to function every time I'm away from my computer even for a few minutes. Help!!!

Posted at 12:49am on July 15, 2013

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi adrian.durlester,
Sorry you've had this problem so often. We have it on our list to investigate some instances where this could occur overnight, but you're seeing this much more often. :(

Could you contact us so we could discuss some details about this and see if we could narrow in on the problem? I'll want to get that over to our engineers then to make sure it stays logged in for you. :) Thanks!

Posted 1 year ago

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