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RTM box keeps returning No Tasks iin Gmail (Chrome)

mark.aspinwall Pro says:


I've been using RTM for quite some time in Gmail on Chrome.

This morning the list keeps disappearing. The RTM add in is still there at the right hand side of the screen but it refreshes after a few minutes to say "No tasks".

I've tried changing the list from a list to a smart tag to all tasks etc. They do get listed and are happily there. But a few minutes later they all disappear and I'm left with "No tasks" again.

Has anyone got a suggestion as how to correct this? It has only started being a problem from 7am GMT and was working fine at 18.00GMT yesterday.



Posted at 7:17am on April 23, 2013

brendan Pro says:

Hi Mark,
We've made an update to the add-on which should fix this issue. Sorry for any inconvenience this caused!

If you're still seeing any problems in the add-on, please get in touch.

Posted 1 year ago

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