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Smart Add for 'today' in Gmail

cigotete says:

Hi and thanks for this useful tool!

I am trying to add the current day ('today' tag) to the parameters used in the body of the email, but if I try to use the name of the current day, is interpreted by RTM like the same day of the next week, and if I use '^today' seems that is not well interpreted (Crazy dates are displayed by RTM). I want to know how to write correctly the "today" tag. (Also was used the Gmail's gadget without success)

Posted at 7:07pm on August 1, 2012

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi cigotete,
It should be possible to use "today" or "^today" as expected in either an emailed task, the Gmail add-on, or the Gmail gadget. Could you contact us so we could discuss what you're seeing and see what's happening?


Posted 2 years ago

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