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RTM starts minimised

hedgewizard says:

When I open Gmail on my laptop, RTM isn't visible. I have to click on the miniscule pop-out arrow (sometimes hidden by the scroll bar) to see it. Is there any way to fix this, as it's the first thing I look at in the morning?

Posted at 3:26pm on April 24, 2012

brendan Pro says:

Hi hedgewizard,
The Gmail Browser Add-on should retain the settings for the add-on from your last session. If you had minimized the add-on before closing Gmail, this may explain what you're seeing.

If not, would you able to contact us so we can try some troubleshooting steps with you?


Posted 2 years ago

hedgewizard says:

Solved! As soon as you said that I realised it was a cookie rather than a gmail-retained setting.

I have chrome set up to delete cookies at the end of each session, so I created an exception for https://mail.google.com and the problem went away. thanks!

Posted 2 years ago

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