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Auto add tasks from Gmail

steve3005 says:

I often get sent assignments with certain words in the email, I was wondering if there is anyway that rtm could scan my email box and ask me if I wanted to add as a task, much the same as if a teleconference meeting comes through and I am asked to click if I am attending.

I have a similar gadget from Tripit which does this with any flight intinery details that are found and that works great (straight to google calender would be great to get it into rtm but thats another issue).

Failing a solution for RTM can anyone advise if it is possible to make Google calender recognise these keywords and act accordingly ?

A sample of the type of email I get is below:

Inspection/Expediting Visit

Dear RTM User,
Please be advised that you have been assigned the visit as follows:
Date: Friday, October 21, 2011 (Ending Friday, October 21, 2011)
Client: Various
Vendor: Vendor (Location)

Posted at 10:43am on October 14, 2011

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi steve3005,
Thanks for your feedback! It'd be great if you could post it in our Ideas forum where others could vote on this idea too.

Posted 3 years ago

steve3005 says:

Ok will do.

Posted 3 years ago

tpak says:

a workaround would be to have a gmail filter just add a star or specific label to it and configure RTM to pick it up that way

Posted 3 years ago

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