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Partially works

alasnik says:

These parts work:
- I see and can change settings on Tasks in the Settings menu
- The sidebar shows up and generally works (can see tasks, smartadd a task, etc.)
- Tasks I add in Gmail are added to RTM

These parts do not work:
- Attempting to do people actions fails; e.g., when I do "Call Jack" or "Email Fred" nothing happens (no autocomplete).
- When I try using date-based autocompletes, I *do* see calendar entries in the autocomplete (e.g., Get gift a week before Jack Smith's birthday). But when I save the task, RTM interprets it as "Get gift" for the current day.


Posted at 10:34am on March 29, 2011

alasnik says:

Oh, I should add that I'm using Chrome v12.

Posted 3 years ago

brendan Pro says:

If you're able to see the Tasks tab in the Setting screen, can you verify that your version of Gmail is supported? This page keeps track of the different versions and whether they are supported.

If you're seeing this behavior with a supported version, would it be possible to submit a Gmail issue report via our support system? We'd love to get more details on this.


Posted 3 years ago

joe.marino says:

ditto to comment poster

autocomplete not filling in contacts

Posted 3 years ago

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