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New Remindersrbendett11 year ago
New Default start screenjaybee6531 year ago
New New Task Shortcuthypercrisis51 year ago
New Enter button is missingmojohnburr11 year ago
New Start screen and back button functionality in the new versionmrpfunk11 year ago
New show the changes in a new versionhansonwang11 year ago
New How can I skip login several times a day on androidmuriel.venus61 year ago
New Location notification not working?hypercrisis21 year ago
New No development¿?hypercrisis31 year ago
New Any plans to support Google+ sign-in?bogosj11 year ago
New Empty widget on Galaxy S3 android 4.1.2 bugfabriciosn21 year ago
New Jelly Bean lock screen widgetoletros11 year ago
New Add a "due time" icon to Android quick add widgetkenneho31 year ago

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