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Swiping suggestions

hheimbuerger says:

First of all, thanks for using the swiping gesture. For some reason, it's pretty underused on Android and a lot of apps could save some buttons by allowing to swipe.

Some suggestions:

1. I still find it confusing that even though I swipe, it's not using the swiping animation and something I would call 'explosion' instead. When I swipe from right to left, I would expect the current page to leave the screen to the left and the next page to enter the screen from the right. Basically like the home screens.
I know this sounds minor, but I think giving the correct visual feedback is very important on small touchscreen devices.

2. I like the 'Views' overlay a lot (awesome look and feel). However, I think menu+button is one touch too much for such a crucial feature. I wish touching the title bar (the blue bar below the notification bar that says "Today", "Tomorrow", "This Week" etc.) would open the 'Views' overlay, too. It currently has no function and this would allow you to switch from 'Today' to 'Nearby' in milliseconds.

3. I think it's very unintuitive and confusing that if you open the "Today" page from the "This Week" page, you actually can't swipe anymore but have to press the 'back' button. I think I understand why that is technically (I'm not actually on the 'Today' page, I'm on a 'Today' sub-page of the 'This Week' page), but I think most users won't understand that reasoning.

Nevertheless, thanks for making the best to-do app for Android. :)
Now get back to working on swiping, deferring notifications and setting a different start page. :P

Posted at 4:52pm on October 20, 2009

trav says:

+1 for 2.

Posted 5 years ago

timothyjc says:

I also like the using gestures to change screens, but I think the app should let you define a default view. I always just use the lists view and would like this to be shown by default for me on startup.

Posted 5 years ago

hheimbuerger says:

@timothyjc: I agree, but that suggestion has been made multiple times before. See the topic Select start screen for RTM? for example.

Posted 5 years ago

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