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Feature Request: List "Sort By"

freality says:

A "Sort by" menu option is needed within lists; similar to the sort options in the web client (with the addition of "by location"). While I thought of this for the "Nearby" list specifically, I think it'd be just as useful for all lists.

The Nearby list currently sorts tasks from nearest to farthest with no regard for due date or priority. I often have to scroll through tasks, in this list, to find items that are current and can be performed. I don't want to be reminded to 'pay my mortgage', which is due a month from now, simply because I'm near my bank.

An aside: I'd much rather know the due date of a task rather than its distance away from me. But that's my preference; which would also be served if any list had the ability to be sorted by location.

Posted at 3:02pm on October 14, 2009

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Go to Menu | Lists | long-tap on a list and choose "Edit List". You can change the sort order of an individual list. (You can also do this on the website.)

"Nearby" is an exception, as it's just set to show tasks nearby. But you can use the locatedWithin search operator with some other search operators to filter out your mortgage until it's due, etc.

Hope this helps!

Posted 5 years ago

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