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Feature Requests for Android: Customizable views and easier access to smart lists

thebootfitter Pro says:

What are the odds of implementing any of these feature requests anytime soon? It certainly seems like others are asking for similar things as well.

* Feature request: Smart lists should have a separate icon on the horizontal "views" scroll bar, in my opinion. (Or somehow or other be easier to access.) Currently, to find smart lists, one must either slide through several screens and then scroll down to the bottom of the "lists" list or else click menu, views, lists, and then scroll down to the bottom of the lists. For "smart" lists, this doesn't seem very smart. ;-)

* Feature request: It would be nice to be able to customize the views by changing the order in which they appear in the horizontal scroll bar that pops up. This feature would help facilitate quickly and easily navigating to the screens that are most commonly used by each user. For example, if I don't really use the "Today" view, but rather rely on tags or lists to manage my workflow... I have to either slide through several screens or click menu, views, and then scroll the bar to the right in order to find the view of "Tags."

* Feature request: It would also be very useful to have the ability to customize the views by adding new views to this scroll list -- such as individual smart lists, tags, or regular lists. This would allow very quick, easy access to those specific views used most frequently by each individual user.

* Feature request: Alternatively... if smart lists cannot have their own view for some reason, at a minimum the "lists" list (including the smart lists) should be sorted in alphabetical order. In this way, commonly used smart lists could be named such that they appear at the top of the lists list, rather than at the very bottom behind all other lists as they do now. (Regardless of how they are named.) This could be quite inconvenient -- especially for users with a LOT of lists

Posted at 5:29am on October 1, 2009

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