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Background sync on Android but not on iPhone, why?

nutela says:

OK I know about the no-apps-in-the-background rule of Apple but couldn't this not be done with push notifications?

2nd point: Is it not possible in iPhone OS to specify to sync with app shutdown (to the user it would be visible that the app has quit but a low-resource process would sync to RTM until done or time-out)?

Posted at 2:37pm on September 25, 2009

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi nutela,
Push notifications can only be used for notifications. In addition to reminders, we do use them to update the badge count for tasks (e.g. if you add some on the website, the badge count will update within moments to reflect that).

To your second point, no, that's not possible. When an app quits, it's really quit. Thus our suggestion to sync manually before quitting the app.

Posted 5 years ago

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