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Location nagging

benb says:

I love the location aware goodness in this app.

I do have a small niggle though. I have mine check the location every 2 mins.

If I am at work all day, that means it moos at me every 2 mins to say there are tasks nearby. What would be great would be if it only notified you if the location is different from the last time.

Other than that, it's brilliant.

Posted at 8:09am on September 24, 2009

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi benb,
Thanks for reporting this. We've added it to our list to fix.

In the meantime, you may find that leaving the reminder (i.e. not dismissing it) doesn't trigger the repeated alert. (It depends on how your GPS is polling for your location.)

Posted 5 years ago

organizedfellow says:

Great idea.

I live about one mile from the nearest WAL-MART.
It does the same annoying thing to me also.

I've had to change the distance notification to a half mile, but wish I didn't have to.

Posted 5 years ago

davepearson Pro says:

I was wondering about this the other day. The business of distance for notification, as handy as it is, could be done in a more useful way.

Ideally you'd specify a distance per-location (for things close to home I want to be /really/ close to them before I get hassled, for things further afield I'd like to be hassled 'cos I'm reasonably close). Point being:

* I only want to be hassled about buying stuff in the village shop when I'm really close to the village shop.
* I want to be hassled about things I need to do in the nearest large town when I'm within a couple of miles of it.

Even better than the above would be the ability to specify the alert distance per-task (for pretty much the same reasons given above).

Posted 5 years ago

sunjana1 Pro says:

Even though I dropped Astrid for this app, I too feel the location feature needs work. If something like Locale's functionality could be incorporated it would rock the house. Locale worked with Astrid to tag locations and trigger reminders. In Locale you can set the GPS radius making really small trigger areas. And I ditto the OP's idea about only triggering when you are in a new location. And in addition I think that only the tasks due in that area should show rather than all tasks tagged with any location (automatic location based smartlist?).

Posted 5 years ago

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