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BUG: Widget doesn't refresh

pteale says:

I changed a task inside the main application and noticed it never got updated on the widget screen to reflect the change.
I even deleted and re-added the widget and still it doesn't update.

Also its been mentioned in other posts here but the one single size of the widget is annoying.
Also it would be good if you could change the default starting screen from today to inbox which will help with rapid brain dumping of tasks without having to first change views to inbox. Or maybe having a 1x1 widget that does an add task which defaults adding the task to the inbox.

Posted at 10:28am on September 19, 2009

pteale says:

Ok I have dug a little deeper into this and figured out what is going on

Initially I had a task called Opticians which showed fine and then I changed this to Opticians Appointment which still appeared as Opticians.
This is due to how you have clipped the text to a certain length.
It seems that if the text goes beyond the length it clips back to the last complete word.
So if i have Opticians Appointme as the task it would show it like that but if I add the next letter which is n itll then just show Opticians.

I'm guessing this is probably intentional behaviour as the text doesnt scroll in any way.

Posted 5 years ago

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