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mlatter says:

I currently have the trial application installed, and plan on purchasing a PRO account once the trial expires.

I'm just wondering tho - the option to set reminders on the RTM android application don't appear anywhere on the website. I'm trying to set reminders to occur on my phone (as opposed to receiving sms or emailed reminders), and I'm wondering is this feature disabled in the trial? or is it absent completely... or am I just looking in the wrong area?

Any tips would be appreciated :) I've searched the faqs in search of an answer and can't seem to find anything.

Posted at 8:31pm on September 18, 2009

mlatter says:

I should clarify: I'm wondering if there's a way to use an internal source as reminders ie: an alarm, RTM app reminder notifications? I know on the iPhone RTM app I read somewhere that if they enable push notifications, they're device will show up on the website with the ability to send notifications to the actual device (not sms, email ect).. Maybe I'm misreading, I'm just wondering if anything like that is possible.

Posted 5 years ago

mlatter says:

Ok so I played with it a bit, and this is what I discovered:

Rtm will notify you through the app, you just need to set when you would like to be notified on the website, and leave the "how you'd like to be notified" portion blank (unless you'd prefer to be notified by other means too)

I guess my next question would be (although not urgent or anything): is there a way to set notifications to remind you to start them based on when they're due, AND based on how long it will take to complete them?

I know astrid does this, and it seem simple to implement I'd think..

Just would make sense to do it that way, instead of putting in generic reminders for every app. ( remind you earlier to start an app that would take 4hrs to complete vs one that would take 15 mins)

Posted 5 years ago

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

You're correct about the way reminders work on Android; I'm glad you got them working. :)

As for time estimates, the estimates don't necessarily indicate the time during which a task should be completed (e.g. a report due Monday morning at 9 AM that takes six hours to complete shouldn't fire a reminder at 3 AM). I'd suggest perhaps adding a separate task, e.g. "Work on report for Monday" due when you should be starting it.

Hope this helps!

Posted 5 years ago

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