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Can I create a shopping list on my phone and let my wife edit it on hers?

iiibradiii says:

I was about to upgrade to Pro when I decided I'd better ask if it's going to work as I expect it to...

The main reason I'd like to use this app is for my wife and I to add tasks for each other and edit each other's shopping lists. For example, if I'm headed to the grocery my wife could edit my list before I get there and add/delete items, then once I arrive there and start shopping I am working from an updated list. At the same time, perhaps she is headed to Target and I see something on my list that the grocery is out of stock on, so I add it to her Target list.

Will all of this happen in real-time? And do we need one Pro account or two to have this work correctly?

Posted at 7:06pm on September 17, 2009

schiguoi says:

This is going to depend on your sync settings. If you have it for every 5 minutes it will update during this time, if not you and your wife may have to manually refresh every time you open the app and add something new just to make sure it does sync.

I believe that one account would work, but you would both be updating the same account so you would have to share ALL data. However if you just use it for grocery lists and tasks that shouldn't been too much of an issue. It could be easier than setting it up to share only specific tasks and such.

Posted 5 years ago

thebootfitter Pro says:

Bottom line: Yes! This will work.

The key, as schiguioi pointed out, is making sure that you each sync your respective lists after adding something new. On a mobile device, you can either set your sync option to a very short time period or make sure that you sync manually before you start shopping.

Sharing lists with another user is easy. You just add the person under the "Settings" / "Contacts" screen; then, go to the list you wish to share under the "Tasks" screen and click the "Share" tab to add this person.

Have fun!

Posted 5 years ago

iiibradiii says:

Awesome - I was hoping that would work. Thank you for the responses.

If I may be so bold as to ask one more... will lists that are currently open & in-use on the phones be updated to reflect changes made by the other phone or website, even while said lists are currently open?

Posted 5 years ago

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

iiibradiii, yes, lists will automatically refresh while you're viewing them.

That'd only matter if you're adding items while you're at the store, and I'd be more concerned that you'd look at the list, make your attack plan on the store, and then not notice any additions once you're done. ;)

Posted 5 years ago

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