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feature requests

bdaw says:

To list few minor things that are missing for me:

- Tapping on the widget should open the app (now you need to keep separate shortcut)
- Widget in different size versions (like quickcallendar). Current one is quite huge.. I can imagine most people will want to have both RTM and callendar widget on the same screen.
- Widget settings to control which view is being displayed

Posted at 10:06am on September 17, 2009

schiguoi says:

Tapping the widget does open the application for me running v1.0.9. However I do agree with your other suggestions the widget would be much better with better customization options.

Posted 5 years ago

kostas.oreopoulos says:

The widget is not on par with the application (which is great)
For example a scrollable widget, showing what the gmail gadget shows would be great.

Posted 5 years ago

organizedfellow says:

For my 'Widget Feature Request', I would like:

vertical scrolling to see more tasks.
horizontal scrolling/wiping to change lists, or tags.
able to change which list/tag is the 'default' view.

Other than that, I totally love the app.
I still spend more time adding and editing tasks via my desktop connection. Creating and optimizing my SmartLists :)

Posted 5 years ago

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