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Problem with syncing RTM Task and Google Calendar

ciacho says:

At the outset thanks to RTM on Android - great job .. In the end I threw Astrid ...

But I have a problem with the synchronization of data from GCalendar. I know that google sync every few hours, but I would have kept the phone connected to Gcal (meetings with clients) and RTM (the list of tasks on specific days).

At this time, for this purpose I need two widgets: RTM, and calendar. However, in terms of efficiency is not very efficient.

In summary:
Would the chance to synchronize the RTM widget calendars with Gcal?

(Sorry for my english - i'm use translate.google to translate ;(

Posted at 8:51am on September 17, 2009

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

You can use the iCalendar service to add your RTM tasks to your Google Calendar; that would seem to consolidate everything the way it sounds like you want to.

Posted 5 years ago

ciacho says:

Android is not on (I have not found such) of any calendar that would benefit from an iCalendar (webcal ://). Google Calendar refreshes the remote every few hours as everything crumbles.

Posted 5 years ago

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