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Wow! You sneaky devils!

davidscottweaver Pro says:

Man, you guys are awesome, and just made my decision harder. I have been going back and forth on getting a Palm Pre and the HTC Hero when it gets to Sprint on 10/11. I decided on the Pre as looking through the Android app catalog, most apps look really really bad (UI wise) where, though the Pre has only a few apps at present, are much better looking. Your app looks great though, but the rest... ugh.

BUT, coming from an iPhone, I can't imagine being without RTM as an app on my phone. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Posted at 11:27am on September 15, 2009

william.furr Pro says:

That's the problem with app stores with tons and tons of apps. Most of them are pretty bad. The iPhone app store is the same.

There are gems in there, but they're hidden. There are good-looking Android apps out there, I promise. You just have to weed out all the bad ones.

The few apps in the Pre store were solicited from professional development teams. When their store is open to the wider community, they'll have a lot more apps with bad UIs too. Just wait. :D

Posted 5 years ago

jkrell Pro says:

WOW, this is great timing, as I am planning on getting an HTC Hero when it launches on Sprint on Oct. 11. Way to go RTM!!!!

Could not be happier with you guys!

Posted 5 years ago

xamox Pro says:

DUDE, so awesome! I randomly searched on the android market for this today, and low and behold. I have been waiting for a while for this, astrid wasn't background syncing and just doesn't do what I need.

Finally, thanks guys!

Posted 5 years ago

b3nw says:

yea, you guys should have sent out an email blast, I was using the beta version for weeks not realizing it was released and updated ~_~

Posted 5 years ago

steve.whitney says:

This is excellent - as promised, I'm now a PRO user. Love the Android app!

Posted 5 years ago

alistairwarwick says:

Thanks for making this app available on the Android platform.
As promised elsewhere in this forum, I too have upgraded to PRO.

Posted 5 years ago

jnievele Pro says:

Same here - and to think I almost got an iPhone instead... ;-)

Posted 5 years ago

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