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App no Syncing Automatically

kevin.thai says:

I recently moved from iPhone to Nexus 5 running Kitkat 4.4.2 with the official RTM app. The sync settings are set to auto, however I find that when I go into the app, the tasks and information don't get updated until I manually hit the Sync button.

Also checked in settings on the webapp, not sure if this is related, but in the "I wanted to be reminded by" section it lists my previous iPhones and iPads but I don't see an entry there for Nexus...

Posted at 3:05am on January 2, 2014

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi kevin.thai,
Android devices are not listed in the Reminder Settings, so that's no problem. (Please contact us if you'd like us to remove the iOS IDs from your account.)

As long as the sync settings are set to "Push Sync" the app should sync each time a change is made.

If that's not happening you may want to try reinstalling it. Then maybe you could test push syncing in both directions?

Keep us posted on what you find!

Posted 11 months ago

kevin.thai says:

It was working after I did a reset within the app. But noticed again I had to manually hit sync today. There is no task killer on my phone and my sync settings are set to push.

May need to try reinstall again, but this is become increasingly frustrating.

Posted 11 months ago

jbwtasks says:


Same issue here. Android App push sync does not work downloading tasks. I think this has been an issue since the last update. It still seems to work uploading tasks created.

Also, when I go to sync settings and changeto any option other than push sync (say every 5 min), the app crashes "Unfortunately, Remember The Milk has stopped." When relaunched, app is still on push sync. Trying to change it causes another crash.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Posted 11 months ago

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi kevin.thai, jbwtasks,
It shouldn't be necessary to reinstall the app, certainly not repeatedly, so this may be something we'd want to look at more specifically.

The app crashing would be a separate issue we'd also want to look at specifically, so if you haven't yet please contact us so we can get some details from each of you and help to look at any ongoing problems!

Posted 11 months ago

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