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3.0.15 draining the battery

roetzi Pro says:

I noticed today that RTM is draining the battery on my HTC One S (Android 4.1.1)... didn't do that earlier (not sure when this started)

Checking in Settings>Power>Usage... RTM takes 37% and it has GPS on all the time, only 6s CPU usage (even though I disabled GPS both in Android and in RTM, location alerts are off as well).

any clue what I can do ?


Posted at 9:24am on July 9, 2013

brendan Pro says:

Hi Roman,
If the Location Alert option is disabled but you're still seeing significant GPS usage from the app, can you send us an email so we can get more details on this? We'd love to take a closer look.


Posted 1 year ago

roetzi Pro says:

will do, thanks

Posted 1 year ago

roetzi Pro says:

update: as suggested by the RTM team, I uninstalled the RTM app, rebooted the device, and re-installed from the play store.

Works fine now without any of the above effects.

(I should have thought of the old #1 and #2 tech solutions myself: reboot & re-install)

Thanks to the team!

Posted 1 year ago

altmann.mark says:

I had the same trouble and fixed it through the mentioned error resolution.

Posted 1 year ago

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