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Android Syncing Slow or Not At All

markwilliams12 says:

With the last update, is it me, or do tasks in the Android app take a lot longer to sync?

I'm finding that the Android app is now as bad as the Ipad app in keeping synced with the web version of RTM. (Reference my Ipad sync bitching here: https://www.rememberthemilk.com/forums/ipad/16577/)

Before the big update a few weeks (months?) ago, I could see through Android notifications that any change I made on the web was immediately pushed to my Android. That is no longer the case and it makes the mobile version a lot less useful.

For instance, I just opened RTM on my Android and it was showing 8-10 tasks on my list for today. But only 2 are incomplete. When I manually sync, it updates correctly, but isn't that what Push updates and auto sync are supposed to handle?

Would like to know if there is a fix to get my immediate android syncing back working properly.

Posted at 1:02am on July 3, 2013

brendan Pro says:

Hi markwilliams12,
If you're finding that some changes aren't syncing at all, can you send us an email so we can get some more details on the situation and try some troubleshooting steps?


Posted 1 year ago

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