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Counter-intuitive back-key operation

toeknee Pro says:

I have a couple of home screen widgets which are set to show specific lists. When I click on one it takes me into the application onto that list. This is all good.

However, when I press the back key on my phone to close the list, it takes me to the Lists screen/card. I never passed through this screen to get into my list so why should I want to see it on the way out?

Please can there be some option to just close the app when I click the back button?

(on a separate note, the menu hard-key no longer seems to do anything)

Posted at 2:53pm on May 18, 2013

brendan Pro says:

Hi toeknee,
It's not currently possible to bypass the Lists screen after opening a list from the widget, but thanks for your feedback on both of these items. I'll make sure the development team gets these for review.

Posted 1 year ago

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