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I don't like the new version 3.0.14

psifiesam says:

I updated to Android version 3.0.14, and I don't like it all.
I want to be able to select multiple tasks, and change them all at once, like I was previously able to do. I also don't want to have to edit a task in order to change its priority.
And that's without going into the new ugly layout. This version is a major step backwards, and I regret having renewed my Pro account

Posted at 10:35am on May 15, 2013

brendan Pro says:

Hi psifiesam,
Sorry to hear you don't like the new version!

The multi-edit function is still available. When you're viewing a task list, tap on the pencil icon in the upper right corner to enter multi-edit mode. You can then select multiple tasks by tapping on them, and use the icons at the bottom to make changes.

Hope this helps make the app a bit easier to use.

Posted 1 year ago

scubatke Pro says:

Once 'multi-edit' mode is turned on by tapping the pencil icon, it automatically turns off after a single change is made. This can be very annoying if there are a number of edits to make. For example, I collect items in an 'untagged' smart list and then go in one or twice a day to assign tags, dates, etc en masse... this is a very efficient system for me. Following the latest update, I have to constantly keep re-activating multi-edit mode. Is this a bug out is there a way to change this in settings?

Posted 1 year ago

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi scubatke,
Thanks for your feedback on that; I'll pass that along to the rest of the team. (It's not possible to change this currently.)

Posted 1 year ago

kiepb Pro says:

When I do a new search, I cannot multi-edit the results, is this true? If so what is the rationale? I don't want to save the search as a smartlist, because it is a one-search.

Posted 1 year ago

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi kiepb,
Yes, that's correct. You could save a Smart List temporarily, perform your multi-edits, then delete the Smart List.

Hope that helps somewhat!

Posted 1 year ago

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