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Start Screen "Lists" not working properly in new GUI

flaggerkatt says:

I'm not too happy about the new GUI of the application on Android (I think it works much better on a tablet than on a phone), but something is not working as it should when you set a start screen in General Settings.

Instead of bringing up my lists (as the old GUI did), it now brings up "All tasks" instead, which is very different. I use RTM with a GTD setup, and my lists are basically saved searches based on context.

If the "This Week", or "Today", or "specific list" is chosen in the settings, the start screen shows what you expect, but brringing up the list of ALL tasks when you've set it to bring up your lists is illogical and... wrong :)

Posted at 8:42am on May 8, 2013

brendan Pro says:

Hi flaggerkatt,
Sorry to hear you're not liking the new interface!

When you select "Lists" as your Start Screen, the app should open to the Lists view with the "All Tasks" list selected. You can then see your lists by swiping this All Tasks card to the right.

This is similar to choosing a specific list: in this case, the app opens to the List view with the specific list selected. In both cases, though, the app opens showing a list of tasks rather than your list of lists.

Does this explain what you're seeing? If not, can you give me some more details?


Posted 1 year ago

flaggerkatt says:

Thanks for your reply :)

In the old interface, if you set your startup page to show your lists, it did just that - show your lists, and you could select the relevant list from that... list :)

As of now, it instead shows ALL tasks on ALL lists, and you have to swipe it away. I've attempted to implement a GTD system using RTM, and having to swipe away this list EVERY time you start the application on a phone is a major nuisance.

My lists are based on searches for contexts, and the natural GTD-way is to then select the appropriate context (such as@home, @work etc) from an overview of such contexts, and not get a listing of ALL tasks. Having to swipe away the list of (mostly irrelevant) tasks when you want to select a context autosearch list, is counter-intuitive and reducing the functionality for at GTD implementation.

For me the application was basically downgraded from one of the best GTD-implementable applications and websites out there - to one that I can no longer recommend. This is a shame, for I LOVE the rest of RTM - the website, the easy email-integration, shortcuts, and so on. And it works well on a tablet - but not on a phone.

Posted 1 year ago

brendan Pro says:

Ah, I understand. The app doesn't currently have an option to change this behavior, but I'll make sure the development team gets your comments for review.

Thanks for your feedback!

Posted 1 year ago

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