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Default start screen

jaybee65 Pro says:

When I set my default opening screen to "This week", I would actually like it to open on the list of tasks for this week, not a list of the days of the week that I then have to swipe through to get to my tasks. Is there any way to set it to go directly to the task list for the week and skip the extra step? Having to do that every time I open the app is pretty irritating.

Posted at 6:33am on April 27, 2013

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi jaybee65,
Thanks for your feedback about this! It's not possible currently, but I'll pass that on to the rest of the team.

Posted 1 year ago

fantasticsid Pro says:

Yeah, this behaviour is surprising to me and rather inconvenient. Why is it a special case for 'this week' not to show the list of tasks till I swipe it in? Now if I have a recurring task I should be able to finish it from 'this week' rather than 'all tasks' because the latter will complete the task completely. So having 'this week' show up full screen at start up is a sensible behaviour. Could you fix in the next version? Thanks! Other than that, keep on the great work!

Posted 1 year ago

mrpfunk Pro says:

jaybee65: You could create a smartlist that displays anything due in the next 7 days, then set your start screen to be that list

Posted 1 year ago

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