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Start screen and back button functionality in the new version

mrpfunk Pro says:

Hey everybody - there are two aspects of the new app that are really bugging me and I thought I'd see what you guys thought.

It used to be that however you launched the app (either directly from the launcher, or by tapping one of the widgets), wherever you started in the app was really the "root" of the navigation tree for that session. What I mean by that is this if you were at that initial screen that loaded when you ran the app and you hit the back button you would close the app, but if instead you went somewhere else in the app from that screen then hit the back button on your phone, you'd go back to the screen you were previously on. It was very linear, quick, efficient and intuitive. If I tapped the widget for my shopping list, my shopping list would come up. If I tapped "back" it would close. Perfecto.

This behavior has changed in the new app, with the results depending on the start screen you choose and how you launch the app. Here's what I mean:

If you run RTM from the launcher and your start screen is "This Week", it will show you the list of days to choose from, and hitting back from there will close the app. This is the only case that seems to work as it should.

If you have any other start screen set in general settings or if you launch the app from a list / tag specific widget (my shopping list for example) and you hit back to close out of the app, you go... forward to a menu of lists? Hmm. So some of the time the workflow is "open, back to close" and some of the time it's "open, back *to somewhere I haven't been yet*, back to close"

Oddly enough the menu button on the phone does *not* open this menu (or do anything), only the back button or a swipe does. Honestly I'm fine with the menu button being dead because simply swiping left and right is just as fast and intuitive, but this weird "click back to go forward and only sometimes" thing is really throwing me off.

To complicate things a bit further...

- Setting "lists" as your start screen no longer shows you your lists so you can choose one to view, it instead shows you the "all tasks" list and you have to hit back to go forward to what you actually wanted in the first place.

- Settings "tags" as your start screen no longer shows you your tags so you can choose one to view, it instead shows you a list of *every task that has a tag* (which I can't even fathom a reason to ever look at) and you have to hit back to go forward to what you actually wanted in the first place.

Am I crazy or is this really weird? RTM folks is there any way to restore the old functionality where back really meant back, lists really meant lists (not all tasks), and tags really meant tags (not every task that has a tag)? I'm an enormous fan of this service but these weird navigation "features" really detract from the buttery smooth workflow that once was...

Posted at 3:09pm on April 25, 2013

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi mrpfunk,
Thanks for all your feedback. It's nice to know what you think of the new app and what isn't so clear for you.

I'll pass your thoughts on to the rest of the team but, in the meantime, if you're willing it'd also be great if you could submit this in our Ideas forum, so other users can vote on this as well.

Thanks again!

Posted 1 year ago

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