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Empty widget on Galaxy S3 android 4.1.2 bug

fabriciosn says:

I got an empty widget no matter size (2x2,3x3,4x4) or what I ask it to show. My list are plenty of tasks that appear on the application normally.

It's a brand new Galaxy S3 with 4.1.2. Here goes a screen capture.


Posted at 5:40am on February 21, 2013

fabriciosn says:

Ups, my bad. I'm very sorry.

It just took a couple minuts to load the entire list :(. It might be a bug as well but much less severe.

Posted 1 year ago

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi fabriciosn,
If you can reproduce this consistently (adding another widget does the same thing, removing that widget and adding it again), we'd love it if you could contact us to discuss some more details about this.


Posted 1 year ago

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