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Using domains other than gmail

pooja.pande says:


I absolutely love this app. However I am technologically challenged and this may seem like a stupid question but trust me no one could answer this.

I have signed up using the email ID of my organization. I use an Android phone. Is it possible to sync RTM on my Android using the organization ID or will RTM automatically sync it with my Gmail account?

Please help.
Thanks a ton :)

Posted at 11:50am on January 11, 2013

pooja.pande says:

Never mind I got this :P

Posted 1 year ago

brendan Pro says:

Hi pooja.pande,
Sounds like you got it sorted out, but in case anyone else is wondering something similar, the Android app uses your Remember The Milk username to identify your account, not your Gmail or Google account. You can use any email address you like when you create your account.

Hope this helps!

Posted 1 year ago

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