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Adding Tasks to Inbox but viewing List "Today"

jfstarr Pro says:

Hi all,

new to RTM and trying to get GTD functionality. One thing I am having trouble with.

I use the Android 2x2 Widget on my home screen.

I am trying to get the following behavior: On the Widget home screen I would like to see only those Tasks I have selected from my various Buckets (Lists) as actionable today, yet, when I Add A Task from the widget it "disappears" into the Inbox awaiting a Sort to the appropriate Bucket at COB.

Currently, when I Add A Task it appears on the widget home screen. It is in the correct List "Inbox" but the Due Date has overridden to "Today" instead of "Never".

I have its behavior set to

General -> Start Screen = "Specific List"
List = "Today" (a List I created)

Tasks -> Default List = "Inbox"
Default Due Date = "Never"

Its been 3 years since I read GTD so I may be a little rusty. Time to re-read?

Posted at 12:48pm on December 18, 2012

brendan Pro says:

Hi jfstarr,
It sounds like the tasks you're creating from the widget are inheriting their due date from your "Today" list.

When you create a Smart List with a search like due:today, any tasks you add while viewing the list will inherit those properties. This due date would take precedence over the Default Due Date defined in the app settings.

In this case, you'll need to explicitly set the due date to Never for each task to prevent it from being inherited. Alternatively, you could open the app and switch to your Inbox before adding the task. This would use your Default Due Date instead.

Hope this helps!

Posted 1 year ago

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