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I hate smart add! Please provide an option to turn it off on Android app.

ourwagnerfamily Pro says:


I understand the time-saving intent of "smart add", but I and my wife are pretty consistently tripped-up by it.

We've turned it off in the web interface. But where is the option in the Android app to turn it off?


Posted at 7:08am on December 13, 2012

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi ourwagnerfamily,
It's not currently possible to disable Smart Add in the Android app; sorry for the inconvenience.

In our Smart Add FAQ, we do list a few examples of how to avoid it finding dates in your tasks, which is the typical problem people have with it. Hopefully one of those workarounds will help you guys adequately!

Posted 2 years ago

ourwagnerfamily Pro says:

Thanks. We'll give it a try.

Posted 1 year ago

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