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due dates on Android devices

darien.merrick says:

I seem to be experiencing a syncing issue - the due dates of my tasks are different on every device I use. On the web I have one task due on Wednesday, and on my android phone it shows up as due on Wednesday but on my android tablet is shows up as due on Tuesday. The problem is that it isn't consistent. Another task appears as due on Tuesday on the web, but is due Wednesday on my phone and Tuesday on my tablet.

I've checked all the date and timezone settings on all three devices (home computer where I use the list, phone and tablet) and they are all consistent - each one is set to Eastern Standard Time.

The only insight I have about the problem is that the due date seems to be linked to which device I created the task on. If I create a task and set it due tomorrow on my phone it shows up on the web and my tablet as due today. BUT if I create it on the web and set it as due today, it shows up as due tomorrow on my phone and today on my tablet.

It's very confusing. Please help!

Posted at 3:08pm on July 24, 2012

brendan Pro says:

Hi darien.merrick,
This definitely sounds like an issue related to mismatched timezones, as you mentioned. If you haven't done so already, please also verify your timezone and location settings in Remember The Milk under Settings > General.

If this appears to be correct as well, can you contact us via email so we can take a look?


Posted 2 years ago

darien.merrick says:

ahh... my RTM timezone was set to Atlantic time. I bet that was it. Thanks!

Posted 2 years ago

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