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clearing the search cache

clziegler Pro says:

Is there a way to clear the search cache on the android app? It's kind of embarrassing to keep seeing what a lousy speeler I am. (joke! speller)

Posted at 12:45am on July 18, 2012

brendan Pro says:

Hi clziegler,
Using the "Clear data" function of your Android device will clear your search cache. It will also clear all your tasks, so be sure you've synced before you use it. The next time you open the app you'll be prompted for your username and password and a fresh copy of your tasks will be downloaded from our servers.

To clear your data, go to your device's home screen, press Menu, then Manage apps. Tap on Remember The Milk in the list of apps, then tap Clear data.

Hope this helps!

Posted 2 years ago

clziegler Pro says:

Perfect! Thanks Brendan. I thought about that but clear data just seems drastic. But it worked. :) Christine

Posted 2 years ago

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