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A way to trial pro?

musmuris says:

My feeling is pro would be useful for my wife and I to share a list and add tasks via our android phones (or rather my wife would like to send me tasks that come up as reminders)

However with only 1 sync per 24 hours this is almost impossible to test. Could you not offer a trial pro period (e.g. 2 weeks) so people can evaluate properly?

Posted at 9:16pm on March 19, 2012

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

We appreciate your feedback on this. While we offer a trial for services that require Pro (like MilkSync), we don't for our mobile apps. Since we now offer one synchronization per day, there's no longer a trial available for the Pro features such as auto-sync. Sorry for the inconvenience.

You can see the Pro features for the Android app demonstrated in our update post for the app.

Posted 2 years ago

busymenu says:

I agree with musmuris.

I just downloaded RTM and installed it on my android a couple of days ago.
The features I want to try are the notifications, sync with google calendar and of course I need a widget. The locations notification feature seems cool and I would love to try that too.

Your product appears to fulfill most of my needs, the ones it doesn't fulfill I may be able to live without or perhaps suggest for a future update. But to properly test your product and determine if it is suitable for me and if I can live with it, I need to try it.

I have tried 4 other products so far and none of them met my needs, in one case I lost all my task updates after a sync. So I hope you understand my NEED to try the product before I buy.

At this stage I will be removing your product from my phone and trying another product. if you ever decide to offer a pro TRIAL of about 14 days, I would like to be informed.

If I haven't already settled on another product I will gladly give it a try at that time.

Posted 2 years ago

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