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some ideas on android

tifa666 says:

I use the android ver. now. I am a chinese,my english is poor,but I don't see someone use chinese to post a topic,so……forgive my Englis.
I now suggest some,if they can be added in next ver. ,my pleasure.
1、I think that the tap and place button is not very useful,how can it in the top screen? press the list button,the inbox is more important.so,can the tap the place be removed?repace to inbox and etc
2、in the bottom of the main screen is the announce,oh~why don't u place the"add task"in there?

Posted at 10:05am on February 29, 2012

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Thanks for your feedback! Regarding the "Add Task" screen is available from most screens in the app via the + in the top right. Hope that helps!

Posted 2 years ago

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