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Lost the tasks which I posted after a ROM upgrade on my Android.

vy0m says:

Hi RTM team,

First of all thanks for this awesome app, which was the need for the hour since I am one of those guy who don't even remember the name of the person he had just talked like one hour before! :)

Now, my problem is that I had saved about 5-7 tasks on the Android app on my phone. I upgraded to another ROM a week later. When I login again, I was surprised to discover that tasks was not retained. I checked online too, but those were not there.

Although I can re create the tasks, it would be useless if I can't sync it between ROM changes. And which was the USP of this app, when I installed it.

Please help me, not in getting back those tasks, but to resolve this issue!

Thanks and regards,

Posted at 4:34pm on February 14, 2012

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi Vy0m,
It sounds like these tasks were never synced with the web app, thus why they didn't show up online when you looked (and also why they weren't downloaded in the app after you upgraded ROMs).

You should manually synchronize to allow your tasks to be saved up to the web app, especially before "resetting" the app in the process of upgrading your ROM. The app will not automatically synchronize, allowing you to choose when to synchronize yourself.

Hope this helps! Glad to hear you're liking the app otherwise!

Posted 2 years ago

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