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Reminders not working when "scren-off"

zatloukal.jan says:

Hi, I have LG P500 (Optimus One) with no root or any mods. My reminders not working when I have "screen off". Reminders normally working when I use phone ("screen on").

For example: I have task with due 8:20 and RMTM reminder me after I "screen on" not in taks!s time. => So I have no reminders in task's time but when I turn on screen.

Reminders also working with other Android reminders (for example: If I recieve new e-mail and Adnroid reminds me, RMTM reminds me too, but no in task time).

Posted at 7:30am on February 8, 2012

zatloukal.jan says:

Ou, now RMTM reminder my task with "screen off" but at 9:08, so task have due at 9:00 :-(

Posted 2 years ago

brendan Pro says:

Hi zatloukal.jan,
Would you be able to contact us via email about this issue? We'd love to get some further details and take a look.


Posted 2 years ago

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