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ipad and android phone

sarahjanephillips says:

I have an ipad but a more basic android phone. WIll my remember the milk acocunt sync with both, therefore enabling me to use it on the go with both my ipad and my android phone?

Posted at 4:52pm on December 10, 2011

brendan Pro says:

Hi sarahjanephillips,
Yes, you're able to sync your account with both the iPad and the Android device. Both apps will sync with our servers. For example, if you add a task to the iPad app, then sync, the new task will be transferred to our servers. The next time you sync the Android app, this new task will be transferred to that device as well.

The Android app requires that you're using Android 1.5 or later, and that your device come with the Android Market installed on it.

Hope that helps!

Posted 3 years ago

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