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New icon less noticeable - using the old icon?

katkuhl Pro says:

I love most of the new Android updates. However, the gray icon is a lot less noticeable than the old blue 1 icon, and in a crowded icon bar like mine, it doesn't stand out enough for me to realize I have tasks due -- especially since it looks similar to the Market update icon, which I ignore if I'm busy. Is there a way to use the old icon instead?

Posted at 2:08am on October 28, 2011

ricsto says:

I'll second this. It's really difficult to figure out what the new icon is in the Notification bar.

My usage is to be notified of reminders at 8.00am for today's task. Typically the cow bell rings and the RTM icon appears in the notification bar. It actually looks like the RTM icon is missing and Android has reverted to a default.

Overall though I absolutely love the new app. Great work.

Posted 3 years ago

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

Thanks for your feedback on this! We'll have to check this out and see if there's any way to make our icons stand out more.

The reason for the change to grey is so that we comply with the UI guidelines for Android Status Bar Icons -- unfortunately the guideline is grey icons only. :( (From 3.0+, it'll be white icons.)

Posted 3 years ago

katkuhl Pro says:

Thanks for your response. I wasn't aware of the new Android guidelines. That does make it a lot harder. I don't have trouble picking out the RTM syncing icon, though, or white icons. It's really just the faded gray boxes that blur together.

I'm really digging the new app, by the way - awesome job by the RTM team.

Posted 3 years ago

ricsto says:

Thanks Emily.
I wasn't aware of Android status bar icon guidelines. Explains why the occasional appearance of the sync'ing icon now looks like a ghost in comparison to the old one.
It would seem that not many devs follow the guidelines as all my notification icons (excepts RTM and Google) are various shades of colour. The guidelines are only guidelines not mandatory requirements IMHO.


Posted 3 years ago

blokely says:

I would be happy if I could see any icon in the notification bar!

I just upgraded to pro and changed my reminder setting to "show in notification bar". I have two past due tasks and would expect to see the icon, but I'm not seeing it. Is there another configuration change I need to make, perhaps on the website? (Also, in the dashboard it's showing 0 reminders.)

Do I misunderstand what a notification / reminder is? Am I doing something wrong?

Any help would be appreciated.



Posted 2 years ago

brendan Pro says:

Hi Bill,
If you're not seeing any reminder notifications at all in the Android app, can you contact us via email? We'd love to take a closer look at what might be going on.


Posted 2 years ago

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