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Do you spend your days thinking of the perfect way to automate deployment and monitoring of systems? Do thoughts of unpackaged files send shivers down your spine? Do you know your puppets from your chefs? This might be the position for you!

What does a Systems Administrator do at Remember The Milk?

You'll be working with our engineering team to ensure that Remember The Milk is always fast and available. You'll be responsible for the design and build of systems, troubleshooting software, hardware, applications and network issues, performance analysis, service architecture, database administration and capacity planning. This is a full-time, "work from anywhere" position (Earth-dwellers only, please).

An ideal candidate has:


A little about us and how we work

Interested in this position? Please email with the subject "Systems Administrator". Please tell us a little bit about yourself, and include your resume, your timezone, and responses to the following questions:
  1. What's your favourite server Linux distribution, and why?
  2. Without consulting any documentation, describe your optimal filesystem layout for a PostgreSQL installation.
  3. Describe a networking issue you've encountered that was particularly difficult to diagnose and correct.