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Quick add from the desktop

Started by morisimo New integrations8 comments

Local notifications (i.e. offline notifications)

Started by kike00 iPhone app14 comments

Allow multiple URLs for one task

Started by shk Web app10 comments

Ability to add photos or audio to tasks

Started by nlstefan Web app21 comments

Different reminder methods for daily versus due time reminders

Started by (closed account) Reminders4 comments

Show overdue tasks separate from today's tasks

Started by chris.daida Android app4 comments

Dark theme widget

Started by orsoni Android app42 comments

Ability to 'email this list' to an external email address

Started by houweb Email8 comments

Add a context menu on individual tasks so that you can access the options for complete, postpone, etc with a single click

Started by bjhenry Web app3 comments

Ability to complete tasks from the Overview screen

Started by pattygolsteijn Web app19 comments

New repeat option: after [number] days/weeks/months until [date] (e.g. 'after 1 day until november 3')

Started by radmoose Web app1 comment

Option to hide the Inbox and Sent lists

Started by (closed account) Web app9 comments

Default list upon opening app

Started by vzb iPad app5 comments

Variables for repeating tasks (e.g. task name 'pay bills for $month', where $month is the actual month name)

Started by stokes Web app7 comments

Instead of blue checkmarks on every day, show how many tasks are due in the icon

Started by boxinxu Google Calendar2 commentsAnswered

Calendar picker for due dates

Started by fernando.martin iGoogle gadget2 comments

New repeat option: every end of month -[number] days (e.g. 'every end of month -2 days', for a repeat relative to the end of the month)

Started by mdcowles Web app0 comments

Android Wear support

Started by newmanwj New integrations43 comments

Gantt charts

Started by ole.clausen Web app42 comments

Default settings for new tasks

Started by jkorn Web app9 comments