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Badge counts for Incomplete/Completed tabs

Started by mcgaritydotme Web app0 comments

Search for

Started by mcgaritydotme General1 comment

Drag and drop to reorder tasks - touch support

Started by dave.liao Web app0 comments

External Conditions

Started by bugsie Web app0 comments

Password save for desktop app

Started by mshancock Web app1 comment

Show tags on Android widget task lists

Started by fancybone Android app0 comments

Support For Notification Bundles in Android

Started by evan.fredericks Android app0 comments

create 2 tasks when putting 2 due dates

Started by olivier.jeannin General0 comments

Custom jumping [g] shortcuts 0-9

Started by tvjames Web app0 comments

Sorting Favorites/Keeping them in Original Sections

Started by evan.fredericks Web app0 comments

Integrate with Alexa List Skill API

Started by sanguinepenguinx New integrations0 comments

Group by Due Date - Allow Ordering or Ordering by Due Date

Started by lordthundering General1 comment

Enable typing an address in smart add/add task via email

Started by evan.fredericks Web app0 comments

Advanced operators for advanced search

Started by jordy1971 Web app0 comments

Add option for default due time of subtasks

Started by pfaco General0 comments

Show a dropdown list when you click on the tags field, then filter the list as you type

Started by miferrei iPhone app0 comments

Be able to select a shared location when you create a task

Started by martijnlinse General0 comments

Desktop: Make ALT+F4 close the window, not quit the app

Started by clausconrad Web app0 comments

"Next Step" text field as a main field

Started by whall General0 comments

Change default for saving notes (it's currently counter-intuitive)

Started by cavanaughmm Web app0 comments