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Firefox add-on for managing tasks

Started by carib New integrations4 comments

Bug tracker integration

Started by jyrinx New integrations5 comments

Exchange/ActiveSync Synchronization

Started by adotson New integrations1 comment

SlideScreen integration (Android)

Started by giorgio.chiodi New integrations0 comments

Microsoft Exchange integration

Started by meezcore New integrations0 comments

Teach the RTM API at Code Academy

Started by winterkitten New integrations2 comments

Import Google / Facebook contacts

Started by giulio.folino New integrations0 comments

Gnome Evolution integration

Started by jjgpbox New integrations0 comments

Google Desktop gadget

Started by jim New integrations142 comments

Vlingo integration

Started by arhoover New integrations2 comments

Add tasks by SMS

Started by michaelcaruso New integrations9 commentsAnswered

Firefox add-on for adding tasks

Started by superwulf New integrations8 comments

Grocery Gadget integration

Started by jnievele New integrations0 comments

IE pinned sites integration

Started by timschaeps New integrations1 comment

Little Printer integration

Started by ronald.aardema New integrations1 comment

MindMeister integration

Started by leo.knight New integrations10 comments

Add tasks by IM

Started by michaelaston New integrations2 comments

Allow users to log in with Mozilla Persona

Started by mikedconley New integrations1 comment

Foursquare integration

Started by andres.riancho New integrations1 comment

Publish/embed your task list into a webpage

Started by nadrik44 New integrations0 comments