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Ability to 'SMS this list' to your phone

Started by bbeetle Web app0 comments

One-click setup for Getting Things Done (GTD) system

Started by stormlifter Web app8 comments

Display the name of the user who completed a shared task

Started by ritaly Web app2 comments

Show completed tasks in the same list view

Started by richard.tea Web app135 comments

Show webpage titles for the URL field (e.g. for an Amazon URL, instead of showing the ugly URL, show the name of the book)

Started by daniel.schierbeck Web app0 comments

Customize which list tabs are shown on the Overview screen

Started by folley.john Web app1 comment

Default priority level setting

Started by notyourbroom Web app9 comments

Auto-archive old tasks

Started by alex.vasenin Web app1 comment

Include location in the Location field in the iCalendar feed

Started by janastasios Web app1 comment

Option to include alarms in the iCalendar feed

Started by pfeff Web app10 comments

Show tags in the Weekly Planner

Started by omer.zach Web app3 comments

Color printing for priorities

Started by b2pix Web app3 comments

Fast switching between multiple Remember The Milk accounts

Started by nathanpeterson Web app0 comments

Option to specify that a repeat cannot occur on a weekend (e.g. if a bill is due every 30 days, but if the 30 days end on a weekend, the billing date is the following Monday)

Started by hellata Web app1 comment

Keyboard shortcut for creating a new list

Started by mike.payne Web app4 comments

Ability to 'fail' a task

Started by ninechars Web app4 comments

Due date spans, e.g. make tasks due anytime this week

Started by d3a1i0 Web app4 comments

Show an icon in the list when a task is shared

Started by flavio.marigliano Web app1 comment

Default settings for new tasks

Started by jkorn Web app8 comments

Add tasks to Smart Lists without having them vanish if they don't meet the Smart List criteria

Started by raymond.bergmark Web app9 comments