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Frequently asked questions about MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook are answered below. If you still have questions after reading the FAQ, please contact us.


Which versions of Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Windows are supported?
Does MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook support 64-bit editions of Microsoft Outlook?
Do I need an administrator account to install MilkSync?
I'm using Microsoft Outlook with Microsoft Exchange Server. Can I use MilkSync?
How do I back up my data in Microsoft Outlook prior to installing MilkSync?
Can I use MilkSync alongside third-party Remember The Milk sync apps?
I've used a third-party app to sync between Microsoft Outlook and Remember The Milk. What do I need to know?
How do I install MilkSync?
How do I uninstall or reinstall MilkSync?

Pro Accounts & Pricing

How much does it cost?
I don't have a Pro account yet. Is a trial available?
How do I start the 15 day free trial?
My trial expired. Can I extend it?
Can I buy the app once instead of needing a Pro account?


What is MilkSync?
How do I access MilkSync?
How do I know when a new version of MilkSync is available?
Is MilkSync available in other languages?


How often does MilkSync sync with Remember The Milk?
How do I sync manually?
How do I change the sync direction?
Which tasks in Outlook does MilkSync sync with?
Which task properties will be synced, and which won't?
How are categories/lists handled?
How are tags handled?
Why do some categories in Microsoft Outlook start with #?
How are notes handled?
How are completed tasks handled?
How does task deletion work?
How do I choose which Remember The Milk lists to sync with Microsoft Outlook?


Does MilkSync support setting reminders/alerts on tasks when they're synchronized to the Microsoft Outlook?